#AMAFriday 6.8.18

Welcome to our FIRST #AMAFRIDAY!!!

My production value may be low (iMovie for the WIN!) but the information value is high, so stayed tuned until the end to snag a coupon for 20% off a 1:1 reading with me AND to learn all about my new project YOU by design: your design. decoded.

And Chessa, Kristen, and Bianca: THANK YOU for your fantastic questions! A custom coupon code for 25% off a 1:1 reading is headed your way :)

A few show notes:

  • Here's the link I promised to the CRINGEWORTHY engagement toast Kristen made at Katie & Tom's party.
  • To be clear (b/c I know I can ramble...), when I'm answering Bianca's question about the act of manifesting, and I talk about specific and abstract manifestors, ANY AND ALL HUMAN DESIGN TYPES can be either a specific or an abstract manifestor. I know MANIFESTOR (proper noun) is the term for one specific type (same word being used in two ways...super confusing, I know), but in this section I'm talking more about how anyone can be a lowercase manifestor and call specific things into their lives, and how they can hack their Human Design chart figure out how best to do that. And if you're new to manifesting, I am IN AWE of Lacy Phillips and the work she is doing over at Free + Native, so feel free to check her out if you haven't already #notsponsored #justafan Her work and Human Design are super complementary. 

Do you have a question for next week's #AMAFriday? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email at [email protected] and you could be the recipient of a 25% coupon for a 1:1 reading!